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The Little Prince Corpus   version 3.0 · 1,562 sentences

This corpus is an annotation of the novel The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, published in 1943. We were inspired by the UNL project to include this novel, so that different groups could compare representations on the same text.

  • Download The Little Prince corpus (1,562 sent.), in sync with LDC release AMR 3.0.
The Little Prince Corpus   version 1.6 · March 14, 2016 · 1,562 sentences

AMR Corpora released by LDC   January 15, 2020 · 59,255 sentences

Genres include newswire, discussion forum and other web logs, television transcripts.
These corpora do not include Little Prince corpus or the Bio corpus above.

Bio AMR Corpus   version 3.0 · 6,952 sentences

This corpus includes annotations of cancer-related PubMed articles, covering 3 full papers (PMID:24651010, PMID:11777939, PMID:15630473) as well as the result sections of 46 additional PubMed papers. The corpus also includes about 1000 sentences each from the BEL BioCreative training corpus and the Chicago Corpus.

Bio AMR Corpus   version 0.8 · March 14, 2016 · 6,452 sentences
  • Download Bio AMR corpus: dev (500 snt.), training (5,452 snt.), test (500 snt.).   Also in RDF.
  • Download automatically generated alignments for Bio AMR corpus: dev, training, test.

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